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“Dr.Buruiana has been my doctor for a number of years and now is taking me through menopause. Whether she performs a procedure in their facility or you are having a check up, there is no concern of yours that she cannot address with full information and a directive. Her staff is extremely efficient. The atmosphere and respect for patients if conducive for the best care n New York that I have ever witnessed ad experienced. I am in debt to dr.Buruiana and her staff. “

-Lisa T. on September 20 2018

"I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Buruiana because she is so skilled and compassionate. Like others have said, the office feels more like a spa. The soft, heated chair and soothing music make a huge difference. She's the only OBGYN who can give me a pain-free pap smear. She even personally called me when I had an abnormal test result. I am fortunate to be a patient."

-J S on May 22 2018


"I loved Dr. Buruina when i used to see her. Unfortunately she stopped taking my insurance,that is why i had to find another wonderful doctor. She was always so wonderful and very sweet and professional. Her staff was always so great and welcoming and the office always clean and nice."

- Regina C. on January 13 2018

"Dr. B is not only extremely knowledgeable but also very understanding and kind. She is one of the few doctors that will take the time to speak and understand your concerns, you won't feel like another number in the patient list. She is passionate for what she does and as a patient you fell safe and that she will do the best to help you."

- C L on January 11 2018

"Excellent Doctor and person. You will have the best experience and a personalized treatment with Dr. Buruiana. Five Star staff and clinic. Always available and an expert in her field. She is an active member in many different medical societies and considered one of the best physicians in the country."

- Andreea D. on June 15 2017


" Hi Dr Buruiana, It's been almost 14 year since you delivered our daughter Alexis. 14 years ago you delivered her at 36 weeks! She was so small. Only 4.3 lbs. I decided that this year I was going to find people in my life that made a difference and thank them. Thank you for following my pregnancy and taking my pre eclampsia more serious than I did. Thank you for saving her life. Thank you for giving her the gift of life. Thank you for making a difference. " 

June O. on February 18 2017

" The minute I walked in Dr. Buruiana's office I knew I was in good hands! Very attentive and friendly staff, great communication between patient and doctor and also within 10 minutes my sonogram was done and I received the email/portal with all the info. State of the art equipment!!!

Dr. Buruiana is very kind and makes you feel comfortable in her elegant office! Strongly recommended as an excellent OB/Gyn! "

- Anca M. on April 10 2017

" Dr. Buruiana is the BEST!  She makes you feel at home!  Not sure if is her lovely smile, charisma or the sweetest staff!  She is a whole package!  I couldn't been any more happier!!!!!!
I highly recommend  her!  She's one of a kind!  "

" I love Dr. B.  I have referred at least 10, maybe 15, friends and family to her and they are all so grateful.  

Dr. B instantly makes you feel comfortable, at a doctor visit that is anything but comfortable.  She is caring and gentle and smart!  More than anything, she is smart. She is the Best. "

" I haven't seen Dr. Buruiana in years but I lover her so much! Seriously, she is hands down the best doctor I have ever seen! She is so gentle and caring! She and her team are extremely thorough and check for EVERYTHING! I have moved down south and looking for a new doctor, I so wish I could find someone like her! "

" Dr. Buruiana is the best. She actually came highly recommended by several of my friends. She is kind, caring, warm, responsive, professional and just good at what she does. Her staff is also fabulous. You may have to wait a bit, but it's only bc Dr. Buruiana actually takes time with her patients and doesn't rush. She actually came out to the waiting room one time to apologize for running a bit behind and the funny part was that no one was even upset about it! We all loved Dr. B so much that the wait wasn't a bother. She is probably my favorite doctor I've ever been to. No question- go see her. "

" Dr. Buruiana is truly one of the most amazing, caring doctors out there. She is always very responsive when you call to ask a question, and her office staff really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.  Usually going to doctor appointments can make you feel anxious, but this office has a spa-like feel to it that makes you forget what you are there for the minute you walk in the door.  I can go on and on about my wonderful experience at this practice.  "

" I am so glad Dr. Buruiana is an in-network physician under my insurance. I couldn't ask for a more attentive, friendly doctor for an OB/GYN. Her office is absolutely beautiful and so inviting and what's better is she has a FRIENDLY staff that actually wants to be there to help as well. There have been too many times where a doctor would be fantastic, but I have been turned off by the attitude and behavior of the staff. On my first visit, I had to wait past my appointment time, but Dr. Buruiana was very apologetic and explained why she was behind. I didn't mind - it's a doctor's office and unexpected things happen. She sat down with me to go over my medical history and asked if I had any concerns and what she would be doing. I felt soooo comfortable and at ease. I trust her. Yes! Trust this doctor! Everything went smoothly and quickly and she offers free samples and awesome consultation. Thanks so much Dr. Buruiana!
P.S. They have free tea and life savers in her waiting room. "

" Wow Dr Buruiana is as amazing as all the reviews say!  I'm new to NY and had no idea who to approach when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby.  I found her through my insurance then checked out the reviews online and all I can say is THANKS!!!!   The only thing is she no longer delivers children, only deals with other gyno issues and surgery, but all the same she examined me to ensure everything was ok, answered all my questions and referred me on to an amazing OBGYN who does deliver. Oh and lastly, her office is AMAZING!!!!  Feels more like you're going to the spa than a gyno appointment."

" Dr. Buruiana is THE BEST OBGYN in the city! I`m very lucky I found her. Very professional, polite, intelligent, attentive, always encouraging and helpful!
I highly recommend Dr. Buruiana to anyone who is looking for a qualified specialist and simply amazing doctor!"

" WOW!  Dr. Buruiana is an absolutely wonderful doctor. I thought I had a good doctor in the last city I lived in, but Dr. Buruiana is the best doctor I've ever encountered.  Her staff was warm and very helpful. I had no trouble getting an appointment. Dr. Buruiana was very patient and answered all of my questions.  I really feel like she listened to all of my concerns and took plenty of time to get to know me before the exam. She was honest and sensible. She was also very thorough while being quick and gentle during the exam. Overall, incredible experience and best OBGYN ever! "

" I have NEVER been to a better gynocologist in my whole life.  I honestly felt like a princess and walked out of there with a huge grin on my face.  The office is BEAUTIFUL with heated exam tables and chandeliers but even more importantly Dr. Buruiana was AMAZING! She took me into her office and talked to me for a good 10 min before the exam and listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions and then some.  My visit was comfortable and actually kind of fun (all things considered). Even though there were other patients in the office she made me feel like I was the only one there and I felt no rush to get in and out.  I cannot say enough about this woman! "

" Amazing doctor. The best gyno I have ever been to. I felt like I was the only patient she had. "

" Dr. Buruiana is the best! She was extremely professional and has great bedside manner. She really seems to care about her patients. 
Besides that, her new office is absolutely gorgeous. High class everything. Even the evaluation chair/bed was HEATED! 
Highly recommended! "

" Dr. Buruiana is wonderful and I recommend her to everyone looking for a new GYN.  She's so positive and not judgmental, and she's never made me feel stupid for asking a question. "

" I LOVE DR. BURUIANA!  A friend recommended her two years ago and I think I found THE ONE.  :) She is very attentive and she takes her time explaining. She truly cares. I was particularly impressed when, last summer, she called me back the same day I left a message for her, right before she got on a plane  to go on vacation!  
To add, I rarely ever wait for more than 15 minutes for my appointments.  The one time I did wait longer, I did not mind much.  Her office is almost spa-like. So clean and the chairs and sofa are comfy.  She even serves tea in the waiting area!  
I would sooooo recommend her to anyone looking for THE BEST gynecologist in NYC! "

" The office is the nicest Gyno office I have ever seen. It looks like a spa. Usually gyno offices look like pediatricians office with emphasis on babies but not this sophisticated office. The staff was really nice and helpful. The doctor seemed nice and caring. She made sure it was as comfortable as can be. "

"Dr. Buruiana has got to be the best Ob-gyn I have ever been to in all my 30 years of life. From beginning to end, from making the appointment, to meeting with her, and to checking out - everything was perfect. Her front staff and assistants are all pleasant and helpful.
When I was called in, I expected to be worked up by an assistant before acutally seeing the doctor. To my surprise, I sat down with Dr. Buruiana in her office, where we thoroughly discussed my medical history and my reason for coming in for an exam. Dr. Buruiana is very warm and caring. She explained every procedure and discussed with me exactly what she was doing and why. She thoroughly discussed with me my concerns and gave me information that I needed.
I highly recommend her to every woman in need of an incredible and experienced gynecologist."

" I loved my experience with Dr. Buruiana. She is attentive, professional and always has your best interest in mind. She made me feel completely comfortable and took the time to give thorough answers to my questions. The office is beautiful and clean. The staff is super friendly. I DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Buruiana. "

" I love Dr. Buruiana and her staff for their attentiveness and willingness to listen to my needs despite their busy schedules. Dr. Buruiana is even responsive to my emails, which is uncommon for doctors! Plus, her office is decorated very well, which for some reason is very important for me. "

" Incredible, caring and passionate OBGYN. Without exception, she is the best physician that I've ever had, of any specialty. Her new office is also so beautiful and she makes special efforts, like heated exam tables, to ensure comfort. Without hesitation I'd recommend her as your gynecologist! "

"  I have to say she has a great bedside manner and is interested in your needs and not trying to rush you out of the office.  She's the best gyno I've ever had.  The results of my testing came back normal and I was sent an email advising me of same, which I think is a great way to tell someone of a normal test result and not have to go spend money on a co-pay just to be told that everything is normal. 

"  I just loved her thoughtful, thorough care.  Her office is gorgeous. "

" I called the office to make an appointment  and Dr. Buruiana is ACCEPTING!!!!! new patients. She was highly recommended by several co-workers."

" Dr. Buruiana is professional, compassionate and simply amazing!
When you visit her office, you feel as if you have entered a spa...
This is New York's best kept secret! "

"  I found her to be attentive and involved with my thoughts and decisions. She encouraged me to have a specific blood test but didn't push. And when we discussed the pill, she listened to what I wanted from it and recommended a pill that would work for me (which it does). "

 " She patiently answered all my questions and explained the procedures she was going to perform. She gave me plenty of room to change and change back. Kudos to all the staff too. The service and the attitude from both the doctor and the staff were impeccable. I am actually looking forward to seeing her again! "

" Dr. Buruiana is incredible. She is hands down the best OBGYN I have ever encountered. Dr. Buruiana is a hit among my friends - I know three other women who go to her and we all love her. Buruiana's staff is kind and comforting. I actually enjoy going to Buruiana's office because she is so kind, smart, practical, and down to earth. Dr. Buruiana is thoughtful and she ALWAYS makes me laugh. I wish all OBGYN experiences were so pleasant. Her kindness and easy going personality will take the edge off your annual exam. Her staff is also amazing about follow up and she really cares about her patients. I heart Dr. Buruiana! "

" After reading all the great reviews, I booked an appointment at Dr. Buruiana's office. And everyone is absolutely right! She is the best OBGYN I have ever encountered! She first took me to her office and asked me about my concerns. This is the first time a doctor has ever talked to me without going straight into the exam and feeling rushed. After we spoke in her office I went into the examination room and all her staff were really friendly and kind which makes a big difference when you're nervous about doing a pap smear. "

" I am probably one of Dr. Buruiana's oldest patients in NYC. I've been with her since 2003. She is a great doctor, very nice and caring and always makes you feel comfortable at her office. "

" Absolutely the best OB/GYN I've ever been to, anywhere.  She is friendly and comforting, as well as quick and careful.   She is wonderful.  I really can't say enough good things about her.  Plus, I've never had to wait long in her office either.  They are efficient and helpful! "